Hoarder Cleaning

BC Fit Testing is the premier hazardous materials and safety training company in Western Canada, and we want to help you with your hoarder’s cleanup.

Hoarding conditions are difficult for all of those who are involved.  Our goal is to help landlords who have recently evicted troublesome tenants, or those who have been left behind to deal with hoarders’ estates. Let us use our extensive HAZMAT experience and unique advantages for your benefit.

Headed by a former fire chief, our staff is trained by industry leading professionals, and dons top of the line personal protection equipment.  We can help you restore your property to a safe and habitable space, allowing you to regain control.  Removal – We will assess the condition of your property, develop a plan of action, and work with you to attend to the removal of excess, undesirable, or unsafe items.

  • Decontamination – We are the only company in Western Canada that can accurately detect over 50,000 different types of hazardous materials on site. This enables us to know how to clean up and remove any potential hazardous material(s) safely and properly.
  • Experience – BC Fit Testing has responded to thousands of hazardous material and clean up incidents.  Our staff is prepared to take on any challenge, safely and effectively.
  • Necessary Equipment – BC Fit Testing has all of the necessary gear and equipment to get any job, big or small, done.
  • Security – We will document our actions every step of the way so you know exactly what is being done and when.